Padel of Thailand

soi 94 Hua Hin, Thailand
Open Daily 08:00-22:00

All nationalities are welcome

Padel Of Thailand in Hua Hin prides itself on creating the best padel courts and experience in the Thailand region.
Whether you are a total newcomer or a seasoned professional, we welcome you to our padel courts and elevated sports terrace in Hua Hin. All ages and abilities can enjoy padel. In many ways, it’s easier to learn than tennis and can be a faster, more active game with more returns and opportunities to outwit your opponents.

Padel Hua Hin


The fastest-growing racket sport in the world. It is best described as a hybrid between

tennis and squash. It is an entertaining, fast-paced, and social sport. Padel courts are 20mx10m and are typically designed for four players. A standard-sized padel court is roughly 25%-30% smaller than a tennis court. Single padel courts (20mx6m) facilitate play with two players due to their smaller size. There are many common rules aligned with tennis, including the points scoring system. 15-0, 30-0, etc. Service is underarm and the ball must be no higher than waist height when it is served. Unlike in tennis, where overarm service is the norm. 


Situated less than 3 hours south of Bangkok in the glorious coastal town of Hua Hin. We have four padel courts in Hua Hin at our padel center in soi 94. Two are covered, and two are uncovered. This means you can play regardless of the weather. In Thailand that can mean the heat or an unexpected downpour. Also on site is an elevated terrace for viewing, refreshments, and relaxation.

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